Test flight

Trial Version

Do you want to test Mad Level Manager before buying it? Try evaluation version for 14 days! You can test full functionality of Mad Level Manager without the risk!

Trial version of Mad Level Manager won’t allow you to build your project and additional themes available in Unity Asset Store won’t work with it. It also may contain bugs that the full version doesn’t have. If you’ll encounter any, please write to us!

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Here you can find demo scenes created with help of Mad Level Manager. All these demos are presenting only a small fraction of what Mad Level Manager is capable of. For full feature list, please visit Features page.
h2. Animations

With Mad Level Manager you can create juicy level select screens. These examples are available in the package starting from the version 2.2.0.

Two-step activation demo

Mouse-hover demo

Groups mechanic

Mad Level Manager allows you to create level groups, and unlock them on demand. This demo will show you how it is working. You will see group select screen. The first group is unlocked, the second one is to the right and it is locked until the player will earn at least 6 stars in the previous group. Click on the Reset Profile button to reset all progress. You can download and read more about this demo here.

Level Select screens

Here are the demos of various level select screens. Are of these are included in the package provided with Mad Level Manager, and can be freely used in any game. Click to play.

Theme 2 Demo | Download APK

Theme 1 Demo | Download APK

Free Layout Demo | Download APK

More demos

If you want see more level select screens demos, you can browse our theme pages.


Level select screens with 3D backgrounds