Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadLevelConfiguration Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MadLevelManager.MadLevelConfiguration:


class  Level

Public Member Functions

override int GetHashCode ()
new void SetDirty ()
Level CreateLevel ()
int LevelCount ()
int LevelCount (MadLevel.Type type)
Level[] GetLevelsInOrder ()
Level GetLevel (int index)
Level GetLevel (MadLevel.Type type, int index)
int FindLevelIndex (MadLevel.Type type, string levelName)
Level FindLevelByName (string levelName)
Level FindNextLevel (string currentLevelName)
Level FindNextLevel (string currentLevelName, MadLevel.Type type)
Level FindPreviousLevel (string currentLevelName)
Level FindPreviousLevel (string currentLevelName, MadLevel.Type type)
Level FindFirstForScene (string levelName)
bool IsValid ()
delegate void Callback0 ()

Static Public Member Functions

static MadLevelConfiguration[] FindAll ()
static MadLevelConfiguration GetActive ()
static MadLevelConfiguration FindActive ()

Public Attributes

List< Levellevels
Callback0 callbackChanged = () => {}


bool active [get, set]

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