I am seeing “This was first scene opened. Assuming that this was ‘Level Choose’ level.”

Don’t worry about it! It basically means that Mad Level Manager is looking around and trying to find where it is currently. It will bind your scene to first level with that scene name found in the configuration to ensure proper functionality.

I am experiencing warning “This layout was prepared for different level configuration than the active one.”

This means that you’re playing scene that was prepared for different configuration than currently active. To test this layout you may:

  • Accept to activate/synchronize your build configuration automatically when entering the Play Mode.
  • Need to activate proper configuration
  • Change configuration for this layout

You can do last two by checking out the configuration setting in layout object inspector:

  1. Find object with Layout in its name under Mad Level Root/Camera 2D/Panel in Hierarchy.
  2. Select it and look at its Inspector view. You should look for field called Configuration Used.

What “No active level configuration found. I will activate this one.” means?

It means that at the current time there was no configuration that is activated. Mad Level Manager requires exactly one level configuration to be activated whole the time. It will choose one randomly if must. Don’t worry. Build configuration won’t be synchronized automatically.