Mad Level Manager
The easiest way to build level-based games in Unity3D

Level management

Managing a large number of levels with Mad Level Manager is easy! Just use built-in Level Configurator to define playable levels, hidden levels, and other scenes. You can decide which levels should be locked at the start, and even you can pass arguments to them. Do not worry about a Build Settings window any longer, it will be kept in sync!

Level groups

Your levels can be assigned to groups. You can use groups to create different worlds of seasons in your game. Groups as any other levels can be locked, and you can configure them in a way that a group will be unlocked if a player gets certain number of points for all levels in the previous groups. Read more about it.

Level extensions

Ever thought of creating fancy loading screen or adding game results screen at the end of each level? It has never been easier! Extensions are giving you the ability to define any number of entry and exit scenes without making your level configuration more complicated. More information here.

Level select screens

Mad Level Manager will generate fancy level select screens for you. Create great grid-like or map-like screens with ease! You can define icon animations using our powerful animation system to make your game look professional and juicy, and customization possibilities are beyond your expectations! Learn more here.

Auto save & load

Don't worry about saving and loading your progress, Mad Level Manager does that for you! What you need to do is to define what properties should be stored at the end of each level and don't worry about the rest! You can even define multiple player profiles to allow the player to store multiple game states.

Rich & easy API

Take advantage of Mad Level API to construct flexible level workflow, save progress and query your levels. You can even add custom graphical elements to your level select screens. It's easy and powerful. Prepared and tested with C#, UnityScript, and Boo projects! API documentation.

Playmaker support

Not experienced enough with scripting? Mad Level Manager offers a decent Playmaker support with lots of actions and example scenes. Integration info.

Additional themes

Not feeling satisfied with the themes attached in the base package and don't want to create your own? Check out our theme gallery with many great themes! Royalty free! Take a look!

This is only a brief feature list. For the full feature list please look in here.

Used in the real world

Mad Level Manager is widely used with many successful games out there! With over 1000 units sold, nearly 100 ratings and over 30 reviews on the Unity Asset Store, Mad Level Manager has the rating of 5/5! Please see our featured games list!

Clients' opinions

  • Easy to use, powerful tool. Great support from a friendly developer. This plugin works exactly like you want it to. It's very customizeable. It's a perfect scalable experience for a developer to use of any experience. [...] Garrett
    Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Fantastic! Everything I needed to for the basis of my project. The save/load feature was icing on the cake. Matty W-Simmonds
    Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • The greatest Level Manager on Store! I have already bought some level manager here in the Asset Store. But none of it was as good as created for this asset. I can say without lying that it managment the best tool for Level and the things around it. [...] Jamigrafix
    Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Perfect Tool with Perfect Support by a Great Developer. I bought the Mad Level Manager for its Free Layout Level Select Screen ability. Documentation is detailed and code is clean and the package has multiple useful examples. [...] I have been developing in Unity for many years now and this has by far been my best experience in the asset store... Matt Tolleson
    Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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