Upgrading from odler versions

If you’re still on older version of Mad Level Manager, please read the following:

Why should I read this?

Mad Level Manager 1.4.0 introduces many improvements and new features prior to 1.3.x line. We’re trying to keep backwards compatibility at all times, but there are some cases where something might break. This page is describing changes that can be the cause.

Level names are not longer icon object names

In free layout level names were icon objects names (in hierarchy). In other words, if your level icon name was “Level 1” it was looking to load level called “Level 1”. This behavior was plain wrong, because each icon has its level name written as a property. From now on this is not the case.

Locked property confusion

There two kinds of level properties. Special properties (like completed, locked), and custom properties. Because of mistake, locked special property was stored as custom, and it was accessible using _MadLevelProfile.GetBoolean(“locked”). This is not a big deal, but by design it shouldn’t be.

When you will launch your game for the first time, all “locked” custom properties will be upgraded to special locked property. This will happen only once.

Different method of assigning events

If you’ve hacked Mad Level Manager by adding events to sprites like this…

sprite.onMouseUp = (sprite) => DoSomething();

… note that this is no longer valid. We’ve used = operator to ADD events which is confusing, because assign operator is expected to overwrite existing events. Instead you should now use the += operator:

sprite.onMouseUp += (sprite) => DoSomething();

Issues that are not listed here

If you’ll encounter any upgrade issues that are not listed here, please write to support@madpixelmachine.com