Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadAnim Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for MadLevelManager.MadAnim:
MadLevelManager.MadAnimColor MadLevelManager.MadAnimMove MadLevelManager.MadAnimRotate MadLevelManager.MadAnimScale

Public Types

enum  WrapMode { Once, Loop, PingPong, ClampForever }

Public Member Functions

void Play ()
void PlayNow ()
void Stop ()
void Reset ()
virtual void UpdateOrigin ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int PlayAnimation (GameObject gameObject, string animationName, bool fromTheBeginning=false)
static int PlayAnimationNow (GameObject gameObject, string animationName, bool fromTheBeginning=false)
static int StopAnimation (GameObject gameObject, string animationName)
static List< MadAnimFindAnimations (GameObject gameObject, string name)
static List< MadAnimAllAnimations (GameObject gameObject)
static MadAnim PlayingAnimation (GameObject gameObject, Type type)
static T PlayingAnimation< T > (GameObject gameObject)

Public Attributes

string animationName = "New Animation"
MadiTween.EaseType easing = MadiTween.EaseType.easeOutCubic
bool useAnimationCurve
AnimationCurve animationCurve = new AnimationCurve(new Keyframe(0f, 0f, 0f, 1f), new Keyframe(1f, 1f, 1f, 0f))
float duration = 1
float delay = 0
float offset = 0
WrapMode wrapMode = WrapMode.Once
bool queue = false
bool playOnAwake = false
bool destroyObjectOnFinish
bool sendMessageOnFinish
GameObject messageReceiver
string messageName
bool playAnimationOnFinish
string playAnimationOnFinishName
bool playAnimationOnFinishFromTheBeginning
bool ignoreTimeScale

Protected Member Functions

MadiTween.EasingFunction GetEasingFunction ()
abstract void Anim (float progress)
virtual void Start ()
abstract void StartAnim ()


bool isPlaying [get]
bool isDelaying [get]
float deltaTime [get]

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