Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadEditorBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MadLevelManager.MadEditorBase:

Protected Member Functions

void Separator ()
void PropertyFieldWithChildren (string name)
void PropertyField (SerializedProperty obj, string label)
void PropertyField (SerializedProperty obj, string label, string tooltip)
void PropertyFieldVector2 (SerializedProperty obj, string label)
void PropertyFieldToggleGroup (SerializedProperty obj, string label, Runnable0 runnable)
void PropertyFieldToggleGroup2 (SerializedProperty obj, string label, Runnable0 runnable)
void PropertyFieldToggleGroupInv2 (SerializedProperty obj, string label, Runnable0 runnable)
void PropertyFieldObjectsPopup< T > (string label, ref T selectedObject, List< T > objects, bool allowEditWhenDisabled)
bool Foldout (string name, bool defaultState)
Vector2 RountToInt (Vector2 v)
Vector3 RountToInt (Vector3 v)
void ArrayList (SerializedProperty property, string title)
void ArrayList (SerializedProperty property, string title, Runnable1< SerializedProperty > renderer)
delegate void Runnable0 ()
delegate void Runnable1< T > (T t)
delegate T Runnable< T > ()
delegate void Updater< T1, T2 > (ref T1 o, T2 after)

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