Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadFontData Class Reference


class  Char
class  Kerning

Static Public Member Functions

static MadFontData Parse (string text, Texture2D texture)

Public Attributes

Dictionary< char, CharcharTable = new Dictionary<char, Char>()
Dictionary< char, Dictionary
< char, Kerning > > 
kerningTable = new Dictionary<char, Dictionary<char, Kerning>>()
string infoFace
int infoSize
bool infoBold
bool infoItalic
string infoCharset
bool infoUnicode
int infoStretchH
bool infoSmooth
bool infoAA
int[] infoPadding
int[] infoSpacing
int commonLineHeight
int commonBase
int commonScaleW
int commonScaleH
int commonPages
bool commonPacked
int pageId
string pageFile
int charsCount
int kerningCount

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