Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadLevelBackgroundLayer Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MadLevelManager.MadLevelBackgroundLayer:

Public Types

enum  ScaleMode { Manual, Fill }
enum  Align { None, Top, Middle, Bottom }

Public Member Functions

void SetDirty ()
void Cleanup ()
void Update ()

Public Attributes

const float ScrollSpeedMultiplier = 0.01f
Texture2D texture
Color tint = Color.white
Vector2 scale =
ScaleMode scaleMode
Align align = Align.Middle
bool repeatX = true
bool repeatY = false
float fillMarginLeft = -2
bool dontStretch = true
Vector2 position =
float followSpeed = 1
Vector2 scrollSpeed
bool ignoreTimeScale


MadLevelBackground parent [get]

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