Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadLevelFreeLayout Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MadLevelManager.MadLevelFreeLayout:
MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout MadLevelManager.MadNode

Public Member Functions

override MadLevelIcon GetIcon (string levelName)
 Gets the icon representation for given level name. More...
override MadLevelIcon FindClosestIcon (Vector3 position)
 Finds the closest level icon to given position or More...
override void LookAtIcon (MadLevelIcon icon, bool animate=false)
 Looks at given icon; More...
void LookAtIcon (MadLevelIcon icon, MadiTween.EaseType easeType, float time)
void LookAtLevel (string levelName, MadiTween.EaseType easeType, float time)
void ReplaceIcons (GameObject newIcon)
 Will replace all icons in the layout with selected icon. Position, scale and rotation will be preserved. This method is meant for editor-use only. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout
delegate void IconActivationEvent (MadLevelIcon icon, string levelName)
bool CurrentConfigurationValid ()
MadLevelIcon GetFirstIcon ()
 Gets the icon representation for the first level (in order). More...
MadLevelIcon GetLastIcon ()
 Gets the icon representation for the last level (in order). More...
MadLevelIcon GetLastCompletedIcon ()
 Gets the last completed level icon in current group or null if cannot be found. More...
MadLevelIcon GetLastUnlockedIcon ()
 Gets last unlocked icon or null if cannot be found. More...
MadLevelIcon GetActiveIcon ()
 Gets the currently active icon or More...
virtual MadLevelIcon GetCurrentIcon ()
 For the free layout works exactly the same as GetActiveIcon(). For the grid layout if there is only one icon per page, it will return it. With more icons, it will work as GetActiveIcon() method. More...
MadLevelIcon GetNextIcon (MadLevelIcon icon)
MadLevelIcon GetPreviousIcon (MadLevelIcon icon)
MadLevelIcon[] GetAllIcons ()
 Gets all active icons available in the layout. More...
bool LookAtLevel (string levelName)
 Looks at level. More...
bool LookAtLastPlayedLevel ()
 Looks at last played level icon. More...
bool CanActivate (MadLevelIcon icon)
virtual void Activate (MadLevelIcon icon)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MadLevelManager.MadNode
CreateChild< T > (string name)
CreateChild< T > (string name, T template)
MadNode CreateChild (string name, GameObject template)
FindParent< T > ()

Public Attributes

Texture2D backgroundTexture
bool dirty
- Public Attributes inherited from MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout
MadLevelIcon iconTemplate
bool lookAtLastLevel = true
LookLevelType lookAtLevel = LookLevelType.FirstLevel
LevelsEnumerationType enumerationType = LevelsEnumerationType.Numbers
int enumerationOffset = 0
TwoStepActivationType twoStepActivationType = TwoStepActivationType.Disabled
LoadLevel loadLevel = LoadLevel.Immediately
float loadLevelLoadLevelDelay = 1.5f
GameObject loadLevelMessageReceiver
string loadLevelMessageName
bool loadLevelMessageIncludeChildren
bool onIconActivatePlayAudio
AudioClip onIconActivatePlayAudioClip
float onIconActivatePlayAudioVolume = 1
bool onIconDeactivatePlayAudio
AudioClip onIconDeactivatePlayAudioClip
float onIconDeactivatePlayAudioVolume = 1
bool onIconActivateMessage
GameObject onIconActivateMessageReceiver
string onIconActivateMessageMethodName = "OnIconActivate"
bool onIconActivateMessageIncludeChildren
bool onIconDeactivateMessage
GameObject onIconDeactivateMessageReceiver
string onIconDeactivateMessageMethodName = "OnIconDeactivate"
bool onIconDeactivateMessageIncludeChildren
bool handleMobileBackButton = true
OnMobileBack handleMobileBackButtonAction = OnMobileBack.LoadPreviousLevel
string handleMobileBackButtonLevelName
MadLevelConfiguration configuration
int configurationGroup = 0
bool useCurrentlyActiveConfiguration
bool fullyInitialized
- Public Attributes inherited from MadLevelManager.MadNode
bool managed

Protected Member Functions

override void OnEnable ()
override void Update ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout
virtual void Start ()
void DeactivateActiveIcon ()
MadLevelIcon CreateIcon (Transform parent, string name, MadLevelIcon template)
string GetEnumerationValue (int index)


MadFreeDraggable draggable [get]
- Properties inherited from MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout
MadLevelConfiguration currentConfiguration [get]
- Properties inherited from MadLevelManager.MadNode
static bool Instantiating [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout
enum  TwoStepActivationType { Disabled, OnlyOnMobiles, Always }
enum  LoadLevel { Immediately, WithDelay, SendMessage, DoNotLoad }
enum  OnMobileBack { LoadPreviousLevel, LoadSpecifiedLevel }
enum  LookLevelType { FirstLevel, LastUnlocked, LastCompleted }
enum  LevelsEnumerationType { Numbers, Letters, LettersLower, Roman }
- Events inherited from MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout
IconActivationEvent onIconActivate
IconActivationEvent onIconDeactivate

Member Function Documentation

override MadLevelIcon MadLevelManager.MadLevelFreeLayout.FindClosestIcon ( Vector3  position)

Finds the closest level icon to given position or

null if no icons found.

The closest level icon.
positionThe position.

Implements MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout.

override MadLevelIcon MadLevelManager.MadLevelFreeLayout.GetIcon ( string  levelName)

Gets the icon representation for given level name.

The level icon or null if not found.
levelNameLevel name.

Implements MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout.

override void MadLevelManager.MadLevelFreeLayout.LookAtIcon ( MadLevelIcon  icon,
bool  animate = false 

Looks at given icon;

animateSet to true to animate switching. Using an animation from the Draggable object.

Implements MadLevelManager.MadLevelAbstractLayout.

void MadLevelManager.MadLevelFreeLayout.ReplaceIcons ( GameObject  newIcon)

Will replace all icons in the layout with selected icon. Position, scale and rotation will be preserved. This method is meant for editor-use only.


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