Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadLevelQuery Class Reference

Public Member Functions

MadLevelQuery ForAll ()
MadLevelQuery ForGroup (params string[] groupName)
MadLevelQuery ForLevel (params string[] levelName)
MadLevelQuery OfLevelType (MadLevel.Type levelType)
MadLevelQuery SelectProperty (params string[] propertyName)
int CountLevels ()
void SetLocked (bool val)
void SetCompleted (bool val)
int CountProperties ()
int CountEnabled ()
int CountDisabled ()
void SetEnabled ()
void SetDisabled ()
void SetBoolean (bool val)
int CountLocked ()
int CountUnlocked ()
int CountCompleted ()
int CountNotCompleted ()
int SumIntegers ()
float SumFloats ()

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