Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadMath Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static Vector2 SmoothDampVector2 (Vector2 current, Vector2 target, ref Vector2 currentVelocity, float time)
static Vector2 ClosestPoint (Rect rect, Vector2 point)
static Vector2 ClosestPoint (Bounds bounds, Vector2 point)
static Vector3 Round (Vector3 v)
static Rect Expand (Rect a, Rect b)
static Rect Translate (Rect r, Vector2 delta)
static Rect Scale (Rect r, Vector2 scale)
static bool Overlaps (Rect a, Rect b)
static bool Approximately (Vector3 a, Vector3 b)
static bool Approximately (Vector4 a, Vector4 b)
static bool Approximately (Quaternion a, Quaternion b)
static string ToRoman (int number)

Static Public Attributes

static readonly Vector3 InfinityVector3

Member Data Documentation

readonly Vector3 MadLevelManager.MadMath.InfinityVector3
Initial value:
new Vector3(float.PositiveInfinity, float.PositiveInfinity, float.PositiveInfinity)

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