Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadRootNode Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MadLevelManager.MadRootNode:

Public Types

enum  ResizeMode { PixelPerfect, FixedSize }

Public Member Functions

Vector3 ScreenToLocal (Vector3 v)
Vector3 ScreenGlobal (float x, float y)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MadLevelManager.MadNode
CreateChild< T > (string name)
CreateChild< T > (string name, T template)
MadNode CreateChild (string name, GameObject template)
FindParent< T > ()

Public Attributes

ResizeMode resizeMode = ResizeMode.FixedSize
int manualHeight = 720
int minimumHeight = 320
int maximumHeight = 1536
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bool managed


float pixelSize [get]
float screenHeight [get]
float screenWidth [get]
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static bool Instantiating [get]

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