Mad Level Manager
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MadLevelManager.MadShaders Class Reference

Public Attributes

const string UnlitTint = "Tools/Mad Level Manager/Unlit/Transparent Tint"
const string UnlitTintDepthBased = "Tools/Mad Level Manager/Unlit/Transparent Tint Depth Based"
const string UnlitTintPre = "Tools/Mad Level Manager/Unlit/Transparent Tint Pre"
const string UnlitTintPreDepthBased = "Tools/Mad Level Manager/Unlit/Transparent Tint Pre Depth Based"
const string Font = "Tools/Mad Level Manager/Unlit/Font"
const string FontDepthBased = "Tools/Mad Level Manager/Unlit/Font Depth Based"
const string FontWhite = "Tools/Mad Level Manager/Unlit/Font White"
const string FontWhiteDepthBased = "Tools/Mad Level Manager/Unlit/Font White Depth Based"

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