Mad Level Manager offers the PlayMaker support package that allows you to access most of API features directly from the PlayMaker.


PlayMaker support is shipped as unitypackage inside Mad Level Manager package. You have to unpack the PlayMaker Integration package file to make it work.

Be sure to always have the latest version available. After each Mad Level Manager update always remember to unpack the integration package as well!

Action Listing

Mad Level Manager PlayMaker actions are available in two categories:

  • Mad Level Manager – Levels
  • Mad Level Manager – Profiles

Mad Level Manager – Levels

These actions are responsible for level workflow. Here’s the listing:

  • Get Current Level Name
  • Get Last Level Name
  • Get Next Level Name
  • Get Arguments
  • Reload Current Level
  • Load Level By Name
  • Has Next Level
  • Has Previous Level
  • Has First Level
  • Load Next Level
  • Load Previous Level
  • Load First Level

Please look at the API if you need further reference.

Mad Level Manager – Profile

These actions are responsible for profiles and save data. Here’s the listing:

  • Register Profile
  • Unregister Profile
  • Switch Profile
  • Get Profile Name
  • Save Profile
  • Reset Profile
  • Is Level Completed
  • Is Level Locked
  • Set Level Completed
  • Set Level Locked
  • Get Level Boolean
  • Get Level Integer
  • Get Level Float
  • Get Level String
  • Set Level Boolean
  • Set Level Integer
  • Set Level Float
  • Set Level String
  • Get Profile Boolean
  • Get Profile Integer
  • Get Profile Float
  • Get Profile String
  • Set Profile Boolean
  • Set Profile Integer
  • Set Profile Float
  • Set Profile String

Please look at the API if you need further reference.


If you’re not sure how to use Mad Level Manager with PlayMaker, you can download example package. We’re using it for our development process to test if everything is working as expected, but it can help you understand how things should be configured.

Feature Request & Bugs

Please remember that no software is bug-free. If you found a bug or want to do a feature request, please write to us.



  • Added groups support
  • Added async level loading support
  • Added extensions support
  • Added queries support


For Mad Level Manager 1.3.0 or above

  • Added SpriteEvent for managing sprite events

1.0.3 (12/27/2013)

For Mad Level Manager 1.3.0 or above

  • Added action Get Profile Name to get current profile name
  • Fixed Get Level Integer description

1.0.2 (12/16/2013)

For Mad Level Manager 1.3.0 or above

  • Some actions were not returning storeResult

1.0.1 (12/06/2013)

For Mad Level Manager 1.3.0 or above

  • Forgot to change using directive from NAMESPACE to MadLevelManager

1.0 (12/05/2013)

For Mad Level Manager 1.3.0 or above

  • Initial release