Mad Level Manager: Loading Screens is the Mad Level Manager extension currently available for download on the Unity Asset Store. This extension will help you to create fancy loading screens for your game in a matter of minutes. It’s just that easy!

This asset requires Mad Level Manager to work properly.


  • Working great with Unity 4 and 5!
  • WebPlayer streaming support
  • uGUI and NGUI support
  • Loading bars while loading the level
  • Displaying random game tips
  • Waiting for player interaction before displaying the level (optional)
  • Delayed level loading by specified time or manually triggered
  • Highly customizable
  • Built-in animations support
  • 3 ready-to-use themes


The documentation for Mad Level Manager: Loading Screens can be found here.

WebGL demos (click to run)


How much customizable MLM: Loading Screens is?

Loading screens are nothing more than single scenes. You can add to these scenes whatever you want! For instance you may want to use uGUI instead of provided (Mad2D) GUI rendering method. Go ahead! Loading script will detect what type of GUI you’re using and treat passed objects as they should be treated (loading bar should be a filled sprite).

Do I need Mad Level Manager?

Yes, you definitely do! Mad Level Manager can be bought/downloaded from the Asset Store.

Can I use it with Unity 4 free?

Yes! Even if you cannot use async level loading, you still can use loading screens! For a scenario where levels must be loaded synchronously, loading bars won’t be displaying the actual level loading state, but a faked one (to make a feeling that something is loaded). All other features will still work though.

Can I use it with Unity 5?

Yes! With Unity 5 there’s no difference if you’re using Personal or Pro edition. On both version all features are available!

Can I build it for X platform?

Loading Screens are tested on variety platforms and shouldn’t cause any issues on any of them. Still issues can arise of variety of reasons. If so…

How can I ask for help?

You can ask for help in many ways: